Notes from Texas Basketball vs Angelo State

Texas held its first public performance against another team last week at the Frank Erwin Center against Angelo State. While it wasn’t a very competitive game, fans were able to see Jarrett Allen, a projected top 10 NBA draft pick , in the orange and white for the first time. Also, since Roach and Mack were sitting out for disciplinary reasons, the horns were very shorthanded so we got to see some players get a bunch of minutes and really show what they can do.

  1. The Point Guard Spot — Andrew Jones

Jones, the freshman, ran point for much of the game, splitting duties at times with Davis. This guy can really play and I foresee him being the PG for the team going forward. Roach will be good at the SG spot and these 2 playing alongside each other will be great. Check out this recruiting profile for a really good write-up:

There were a few things that immediately impress me about Jones, Firstly he is very poised & confident with the ball in his hands. I hate to have the first ‘highlight’ of this post be a somewhat mundane bringing the ball up the court clip. But there were several possessions like this where he was pestered by a smaller guard full court, remained calm, and shook the guy off. His handles kind of remind me of Harden in some ways, where he looks a little bit out of control, but still always in control.

He finished the game with only a single turnover.

Defensively he has very active hands, coming up with 3 steals, including one where he ripped the ball from the opposing guard and took it coast to coast for the slam.

(Sorry for terrible video quality, trust me, its Andrew Jones)

He has good range as well, shooting 2 for 6 from outside in this one, but I think we can expect more from him there based on what I’ve read. Here was one of his nice 3s off a screen.

2. Allen and Banks

This was the first game to see our 2 freshman bigs in action together. I don’t think you can read too much into this one as Angelo state wasn’t too strong inside. Both had solid performances though.

Allen is adapting to the system well, was often in the right place for rebounds. He showed some range, making a 3 and another long 2. Ideally we probably don’t want him shooting 3s, but he should be able to feast on the mid-range jumper.

One very concerning thing though was free throw shooting for Allen. He finished 3–11 and at one point missed 5 or so in a row. This will be something to keep an eye on as he will be getting to the line a bunch.

Banks has more of an offensive game than I think some people realized. We knew he would be a solid defender and get boards. He rarely calls for the ball and the offense rarely ran through him. But he showcased some stuff in this game, including this very nice fade away in the post.

Also, this nice step-through dunk

Defensively, Banks also had a very nice defensive stand where he single handly shut down a 3 on 1 break

3. Shaq

Shaq Cleare will probably be our most reliable source of post buckets. He finished the game with 12 points but had so many close range shots roll out, he could have quite easily gone for 20. I don’t think they were bad shots, he was in good position and was backing the defender down at will, just unlucky with some of the rolls.

Here is the shot chart to give you an idea:

(all that red in the paint :())

4. Jacob Young

Young led all scorers with 21 points. For having so many freshman on the roster, Texas is deep this year. Young played a great game, going 4 for 8 from 3 as well as having a few very nice penetration layups. I think his minutes will get cut into the most when Roach is back. But this is a really good sign that we have this kind of talent this deep.

(Young’s shot chart)

Here he is in the 2nd half getting into the paint for 2 , and then coming back 15 seconds later to drain the 3.

Texas kicks off its relatively light non-conference schedule against Incarnate Word Friday.