Senegal is the land of hospitality.

It occurred to me recently that we have now been in Senegal for six months! There have been days that time has passed so slowly but others that it just flies right by! Among volunteers there it is often said that the hours and days will go by slow but the months will go by fast. This is the first time that I really understand that. It feels like just a short time ago we were stepping off that plane into the hot early morning Senegal air on the runway at the airport in Dakar.

Among the many wonders that Senegal has to offer is the spirit of “Teranga”, a Wolof word, meaning hospitality. I have found the people of Senegal to be very welcoming in my time so far. Senegal has a very communal society where folks share and help each other out however they can. As part of this year’s Peace Corps week video challenge, two volunteers from Senegal submitted videos highlighting hospitality in our host country. Diana is a volunteer in the region of Kolda, which is the region where I live. I really enjoy how she chooses to highlight attaya (or tea) which is always plentiful and shared throughout the day. Additionally, this year’s winning video was submitted from Suzy a volunteer.

I have a difficult time getting all of the things that require internet done when I have the chance to have a working computer with internet access. There are a few more blog posts that are almost finished, so more to come when I can!

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