Two Worlds:

Left and Right. Black and White.

Courage and Bravery. Ebony and Ivory.

I live in two worlds.

If white was right and black was wrong,

Can I make a right-left and change the song

Playing on the track-and take it back

To a simpler time:

When I drank lemon-lime soda

And fought my sisters for the controlla

To the TV before we could see

That the ebony and ivory towers

In our home were the exception:

Not the norm.

IFF. If and only if.

I live in two worlds.

If black was right and white was wrong

Then it didn’t take long

For me to break the bread

And meet and greet

My black folks; my Southern roots:

Before I learned the truths

Of a divided family.

Where blood lost

Turned to blood loss

As my family shrank,

And my heart sank.

To be frank,

I didn’t thank

My family for the tree;

Before it was cut at the knee,

And the tree destroyed.

Leaves decimated.

Branches annihilated.

And the tree-trunk

Went ker-plunk

As it was chopped at the roots.

I live in two different worlds.

If black was right and white was left,

Then shouldn’t I have been bereft

With words when my friends called me

“The whitest black person they know” IMMEDIATELY!

Shouldn’t the twinge of anger have been automatic?

Should I have been less than static?

When my friends gave me the false assertion

That my exertion

Of energy-to be-defined as my actions

Had a hidden standard?

Given the given, shouldn’t my reaction

Have propelled me from being a bystander?

It took days of dismay,

Weeks of down-turned cheeks,

And months of fake-fronts

To realize that I WOULD NOT accept this anymore.

I live in two different worlds.

If white was right and black was left

Then call the cops! There’s been-a theft!

Of my white identity: or so it seems.

Because I am an ice-cream:

Vanilla chocolate swirl,

But to a lot of people

I may as well be double-chocolate whirl.

But why can’t I fit in?

Don't I have the right stuff?

Will I ever have enough to say

“I’m white and I’m proud”

Without sneers from both sides?

Apparently not yet.

For when a cereal-ad

Showed what my family looked-liked,

The world looked right-away

Saying they’d “want to vomit”

As their reactive comment.

It showed me that world could

Accept my rainbow family:
If it were monochrome.

I live in two different worlds.

If black and white

Were meant to fight,

How did they forget

When I was beget?

How can I be born 100% equal,

And almost a score of years later

Live more than ⅗ unequal?

Since ½ of my lineage got to set the rules

And the other half were chained up worse than mules.

Well I am at least two races,

And I’m tired of sprinting;

I have 20/20 vision,

But I am tired of squinting

To see the nugget of truth

In a sea of lies;

To see the double-standards

In single lines.

But I seek to live as a whole person

In balance with myself;

And I seek to live in a world

Where we are on the same shelf

Of the kitchen fridge, where we

Could come together and share some food.

And no racist who’d call me

Anything other than my name

Would be there to spoil the mood.

I live on one planet, but live in multiple worlds.



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