Let Me Remind You Fuckers Who I Am
Hillary Clinton [parody]

To all the Republicans that bring up Benghazi when Hillary’s name comes up: I want to remind you that 50 of our foreign embassies had been attacked before the foreign outpost in Libya was attacked. 50 of them. How many Secretaries of State ( whatever the plural is ) have been persecuted over the years for the American deaths at those embassies? Weren’t you outraged about the other deaths?

My husband is an 100% disabled (like the disabled people Trump makes fun of) Veteran — a Viet Nam eta Vet. He will be proudly voting for Hillary Clinton, not for a draft dodger/service dodger like Trump. Someone who puts down a veteran like McCain because he got captured. (I put McCain down because he’s a Republican, but honor his service)

What has Trump ever done for anyone that did not benefit Trump and especially his wallet?

Oh, and Colin Powell had a private server as well. Did his emails get hacked? Probably. But we will never know.