Mobile DropDowns Revisited
Klaus Schaefers

Good stuff Klaus! It’s nice to see Luke’s screens put to the test. The 100% accuracy of the two date pickers is excellent feedback.

I have no doubt the stepper and segment buttons are ideal alternatives to the drop-downs, which is the point of Luke’s article, but I wonder if the presentation of the form itself could be improved by revealing each input individually as opposed to all fields on a single page.

It would be good to know how many users would need to continue to refine their results when inputs are missing (sort by price/schedule, time of day). Do users need complexity in the form or would they benefit more from filtering results? Time after search is just as improtant if a simple form just offsets where time is spent.

I’d also be interested in user’s perception of the experience. Which method “feels” better to the user? This can be more accurate measure than time.

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