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Download Mozilla Firefox Free

Download Mozilla Firefox Free

Mozilla Firefox is one of the tools of modern search the most widely used at this time. Mozilla Firefox is a browser which is freeware and cross-platform, developed by the Mozilla Corporation, in Accordance with its name, the web browser mozilla Firefox has the logo of fire fox, originally is a branch of Netscape Navigator, Mozilla Application Suite. However, the success of Firefox to penetrate the market of web browsers makes Firefox as main software which is developed by Mozilla at this time.

Features that you can install from Mozilla Firefox

Firefox also offers fiktur, spell checking, search, bookmarks (bookmarks), restore session, the download, and private browsing. Firefox implemented several web standards, including HTML4 and HTML5, XML, XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, and DOM. Among the popular features of Firefox is the pop-up blocker already tertana in it, and a development mechanism (extension) to add additional functionality. Although these features are already available for some time in browser-other web browsers such as Mozilla Suite and Opera, Firefox is a web browser first to gain acceptance in this magnitude.

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Private Window for mozilla firefox

As the feature of InPrivate Browsing in Microsoft Edge browser and Microsoft Internet Explorer, features Incognito in the browser Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox browser also has a feature with the same function for activities of safe surfing ie to open it in Private Window. Private Browsing with Private Window in Mozilla Firefox browser also includes a feature for Tracking Protection to prevent tracking your search history to a lot of websites that You visit

Add-Ons are optional components, in this case in the form of a software, which when added to the main software, in this case Firefox, will add functional software main. That is, without additional add-ons even if Firefox can still be used the main function, but it would be great if you add some add-ons.

Firefox Sync
Firefox Sync is a service that can be used to synchronize bookmarks, history, passwords, add-ons, and open tabs on Firefox on another computer or mobile phone. This article briefly explains how it works and what the benefits for You.

That’s Rangkayang that exist in mozilla firefox. actually there are still many more that exist on mozilla and many of its advantages, but if you want to download mozilla firefox free please visit here.

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