How to Enable or Disable Pop Up Blocker in Mozilla Firefox?

what the icon meant. When we hover over the pop-up blocker icon, it will list the number of pop-ups blocked or the current on/off status.

To check the toolbars availability and to make them available you may go to the View menu and select the Toolbars option.

Now, let us know that “How to check Mozilla Firefox Pop-up Blocker” on Windows and Mac.

· Initially, open “Menu” button.

· Click Options (for Mac, start from the Firefox menu using the Finder and select Preferences).

· If you press F10 or the ALT key you can also use the Tools menu.

· Click the Content tab.

· In the Pop-ups section, click Exceptions.

· Feed and click Allow

· Click Save

· And at last Restart Firefox

How to stop Pop-ups for Firefox?

You can disable pop up blocker Firefox with the given instructions:

There are various methods to block Firefox Pop-ups; some of them are as under:

By downloading a Pop-Up Blocking Extension:

Click the Firefox button on the top left and click Add-ons

And Search for an ad-blocking add-on and we can also add it to Firefox.

By Installing an Antivirus Program:

Various Antivirus Programs can be also installed to prevent Pop-Ups as Avira, Bitdefender, Avast, AVG etc.

By Uninstalling Suspicious Software:

We can also remove the unwanted or un-needed software from the control panel of the computer system.

By checking Pop-Up Blocking Exceptions

Ensure Pop-Up Blocking Feature is on

Way to find Mozilla browser support:

As we know, that there could be a lot of various browser issues, so for any further assistance, you are needed to contact Mozilla Browser Support and they will assist you as per your requirement.

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