Starting My Company. Mistake 7.

The fact that after a very successful meeting with a potential client, they ask for an offer immediately doesn’t mean you “converted” them.

Oh, gosh, how many of those did we have and how confident was I especially the first time it happened that that’s it — we have them! Let me tell you a quick one here…

We were asked to go on a meeting with a potential customer and that meeting was like one of those in which you leave the room and you know, you just know it, that it just couldn’t be better. No way. You and the client are in sync!

That meeting happened on 27th of December, 2015. The last thing we heard while in the room was:

“Please, please send us an offer quickly. It would be great if you can do it till 29th of December in order to move the things forward.”

When I heard that, I was already thinking that there is no way they would ask for an offer on the last 2 working days of the year if they didn’t want to work with us.

However. Something interesting happened after we sent the offer. That “interesting” thing is that we were not receiving any response from them for weeks. Surely, they may have not liked the offer because of many reasons(price, conditions, what’s included as part of the services, their format, etc.), but noup — that was not the reason why they didn’t get back to us.

At some point they did reply to our follow up e-mails(we should have probably called them quite quickly, but it’s late to think about this now) and told us that their company decided to change their overall training strategy(there were new C-level people coming at that point) and as part of that new strategy, you guessed it, our work was put on hold.

My lesson for you here is this — prepare for every potential client meeting extremely well. Deliver in the best possible way and then follow up. Until you get to sign the contract or even better — get money in your bank account, have 0 (OK, less) expectations than I had… :)

How many times were you in similar situations with a potential customer?