Starting My Company. Mistake 2.

Thinking that the market will react really, really fast! And I mean — fast.

When I started 356labs, I seriously believed that at the moment when we announce that we are now opened to work with customers, there will be number of people and companies immediately seeking out our help. At the end of day, if you look at how those same people and companies present, it’s scary! It’s like we are back in 1995. Text, bullet points and Clip Art are still dominating their world and yet those same organizations wonder why they cannot sell or persuade their audiences to do what they want them to do — buy their product, subscribe to a service, act on a task, etc.

Now, let’s see what happened. Even though we are now reached by a new customer almost every single week, back then, yes, we indeed had our first customer on the 10th day (PhD presentation), but more or less that was it! After this project there was almost no one reaching out to us and trust me — we were pushing the news that we are there through every single channel possible, we were pushing great content(and we continue to do so) and a lot, lot more.


I am not saying your company won’t explode on the first week after you announce it(hopefully it will!). I am just asking you to not believe as badly as I did that customers and business will come your way immediately just because you have a great product / service. It takes time. It just does…

And how quickly did you find your first true client?