Why Is Syria Hell on Earth? Here’s The Ugly but True Answer…
Zaron Burnett III

This article is not only a gross mischaracterization of Bashar al Assad, it is full of lies and outright propaganda. Hafez al Assad was nobody’s sweetheart, but he was pretty much par-for-the-course for Arab leaders in the Levant. But Bashar is widely supported by the people of Syria, 80% of whom live in the government controlled areas of the country, and who vote overwhelmingly for Assad election after election (under the watchful eyes of Western observers). The Syrian government has NEVER used chemical weapons against its people, guess you didn’t actually do any research on this. The U.S. is using white phosphorous over Raqqah and Mosul as we speak. Just like in the Maidan in Ukraine, the demonstrations against the Assad government in Syria were fired on by mercenary gunmen who killed both demonstrators and police. The mercenaries later attacked Aleppo after the people there refused to participate in their demonstrations. The mercenaries seized most of Aleppo, and the Turkish government allowed the disassembly and theft of all of the heavy industry and the transport of the factories to Turkey. The U.S. and the tyrannical Arab monarchies supplied training and weaponry (documented as including chemical weapons, sarin gas among them) to the Takfiri (head-chopper) terrorists who created the “Hell on Earth” in Syria. The U.S. is still funding them and even acting as their airforce now. This long article is nothing but Hasbara (Hebrew for “explaining”) journalism in the service of globalist hegemony.

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