I’m just over a week in and I still feel clueless. So far my HTML and CSS have created webpages like neanderthal man cave drawings, except my buffalo look like giraffes and my fellow cavemen (and women) have too many limbs and oddly shaped heads. Now we’re moving on to JavaScript and I’m even more lost. The journey will be tough, but I am excited to see where I end up and I can’t wait until this all makes sense. The idea of being able to construct fully functional websites and web applications thoroughly excites me and knowing that one day I’ll understand all of this excites me even more!

We did the FizzBuzz project yesterday and as the assignment was being delivered to us I felt confident that I could arrange the code to produce the results we needed. I was wrong. As soon as I opened my atom and had my blank slate my mind went blank as well. After a few failed attempts I was able to get a little help and it started to come together. I was able to produce code to count to 100. For any number that was divisible by 3 it would read Fizz, for any number divisible by 5 it would read Buzz and lastly it would read FizzBuzz for any number divisible by both.

It’s entirely frustrating to feel lost, but this whole process is extremely fun to me! Actually getting the code to produce the desired results after much trial and error is such an amazing feeling. It’s victory! It’s exactly like O’dell Beckham feels when he catches that game winning touchdown or when Sarah wins the bear on her 23rd try at the carnival. Oh Hell yeah!

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