I grew GMOs in my suburban garden, here’s what happened
Stephan Neidenbach

Monsanto, its peers and minions have bulldozed and circumvented government regulation and taken over the FDA with revolving doors to subjugate big American (and world) agriculture to monopolized corn, soy, sugar beets, rice, cotton…..production; literally flooding the large mechanized farm landscape with their GE/GMO products and poisons.

It appears that you’ve insulated your thinking from the obvious: contamination of your neighbor’s open pollinated crops (do you even care what they think?), Complete and utter subservience to corporate greed and monopoly (follow the money, GMO business has nothing to do with making better food available to more people), inferior flavor (have you ever grown heirloom varieties and compared flavor?), blind faith in poorly understood consequnces of genetically modifying an organism out of context with its natural environment (this is the elephant in the living room; why would you ever want to remove the context for an organism’s existence??? OK, greed, duh),