Perspective Party Manifesto Part I

Tired of politics? Tired of news, fake news, opinions, commentary etc from people you never heard of, or wish you hadn’t?

Sick of feeling helpless? Wish you could escape the cycle of bullshit and angst that’s ripping us apart?

I have a solution.

Go out and paint.

Grab a cheap canvas or a piece of cardboard, five tubes of paint (brown, blue, red, yellow, and white) and some cheap brushes and go out into the world.

Paint some kind of representation of what you see.

Don’t try to paint from imagination or memory, just document the truth of what you observe, as closely as possible.

Then go do it again and again.

Every minute you spend painting is a minute you didn’t spend consuming bullshit.

You will grow and improve rapidly. You will feel the pride of being able to do something 99% of humanity is incapable of doing.

And no one will be able to tell you they see more clearly than you do, or that you live in a “bubble”.

This is the foundation on which to build a new understanding of the universe. A new appreciation, a new approach.

In the Era of Bullshit painting can serve as both shield and weapon.

And what if we all did it?

It’s easy to crack down on protests, it’s trivial to shut down internet commentary..but what will they do with painters?


Observation leads to understanding leads to knowledge leads to wisdom. It’s a well traveled path, and one that we’ve trivialized or forgotten.

Let’s get back to our roots.

And in four years when the right wing has imploded under the weight of their own evil and the left wing is still holding their dicks we will emerge as a unique and formidable alternative.

Perspective Party 2020.