Fascinating points.
Ben Hines

Apparently not being in poverty triggers the ‘moralizing about poverty’ gene.

The ENTIRE ARTICLE (and a host of related research) pretty well shows that the stress of poverty impairs congnitive function. This is not a ‘moral’ issue any more than cancer or head colds are a ‘moral’ issue.

The presumption of poverty as a moral defect is so deeply engrained in our society that it poisons everything.

The solution is simple. Give poor people money. Yes, it means you at the top will pay marginally higher taxes; against this you’re going to make more money too: poor people spend their money.

Of course we could do the smart thing and adopt simpler policies like raising the minimum wage, spending billions of dollars putting people to work fixing our decrepit infrastructure instead of better ways to blow stuff up, working to adapt to the Anthropocene instead of simply waiting for our coastal cities to drown, but that requires a political will simply doesn’t exist.

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