This is Not My Republican Party
Steve Skeldon

The Republican party of today is NOT the result of the last eight years; it’s a direct result of nearly 50 years of Nixon’s Southern Strategy, when he co-opted the Dixiecrats and racist George Wallace voters, and Reagan’s embrace of the the Dominionist white religious right.

An entire generation of GOP politicians have come up fervently believing that “Government is the Problem” and in “welfare queens rising around in Cadillacs” and by God, when they get into office they’ll damn well PROVE it.

So we’ve arrived at the era when the Senate openly and proudly announces that we have a 3/5ths president who isn’t allowed to appoint Supreme Court justices in his last year in office, based on a “rule” promulgated by an virulently racist southern senator 40 years ago.

Your leading presidential candidate is calling on his supporters to swear allegiance to him, and openly encouraging his followers to violence.

Your second place candidate believes he’s anointed by God to run for office and thinks cooking bacon on the barrel of a an assault rifle is a suitable thing to do for a man running for president of the United States.

The Republican Party damn well DOES care “what color I am, what I call myself, who I worship.”

They’ve been telling me that for decades.

We’re not seeing the ‘surface’ of the Republican party, we’re seeing it unmasked.

To steal a phrase from your last convention: You built this.

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