Sunday Aug 1 saw the first active session using the God Space material. The previous week saw us introducing God Space, but now the rubber hits the road! Up to this point we have been focusing on forming the church family and we’ve been using ‘launch team’ to describe our current role.

We’re still working on forming the sense of family. On Sunday we discussed our stated value “Our church family will focus on what joins us” — What does this mean to you? We identified that in our team we have many different experiences of church tradition and even ways of understanding the bible. We can choose to let these differences separate us, or we can focus on what we have in common. …

Last Sunday came around in a rush. Our role as leaders of this church plant is part of our normal weekly routine and this is something we need to get used to! We’ve had the opportunity to talk to a few other people currently or recently involved in church plants, and they all seem to be full time in that role, something that sounds like a luxury to us!

As a church family, we are determined to keep highly relational. We think that one of the biggest issues people are facing right now is one of loneliness. The church family has the perfect answer to this problem, but to keep providing that answer, we need to ensure that our meetings keep encouraging us to develop new friendships and stay welcoming to new people. …

Sunday July 17 was an important step for us as a church family. The week before was important too. It became apparent that a segment of those who have been meeting with us so far were uncomfortable with the pace being set in the group and also with expectations of how God will work with us as a group as we seek to do His will here in Pt Chev.

The good news was that these friends were willing to tell us about their concerns. The sad news is that they didn’t join with us on Sunday. It’s our hope that what we all care about will prove to be more important than areas of discomfort.We …



This is a church plant with a difference. We have got the building — now we need to find the beating heart that will make it church!

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