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Canadian Engineer.

The Engineering of The Future

On July 30th, 2020 the Atlas 5 Rock left Earth’s atmosphere and headed towards the Martian planet, carrying with it was something new… The Perseverance Rover and its little brother, Ingenuity, an autonomous Helicopter.

On February 18th, 2021 Perseverance made history successfully landing on the surface of Mars near Jezero Crater. The reason that this landing is monumental is that not only is the success rate of landing on Mars only about 40% but this Rover will be the first step to our eventual arrival on Mars.

This trip is not only one of the most important but also one…

A look at how caffeine interacts with the body

Caffeine is an amazing little drug. In fact, it’s so amazing it may have single handily brought on the Age of the Enlightenment. If you don’t believe me, MatPat from Food Theory has a really cool video on how coffee changed European society.

Caffeine is a substance that’s most commonly found in the leaves and fruits of approximately 60 species of plants. The most popular sources include Brazilian Cocoa (Guarana), Cola Nut, Cacao, and various tea plants.

How Does it Affect our Body and our Brain?

We know that caffeine makes us alert, so it stands to reason that there must be something that makes us tired. So…

Biometrics, Safey, Infotainment, and MagSafe in a car?

So, I was just looking at the new updates for the Tesla Model X and Model S and holy hell was I surprised at some the new specs on the top of the line model. The updates were definitely welcome (except that new steering wheel, which is… questionable). Anyways, I remembered that Apple (for some reason) is working on their own electric car that is set to release in a few years, and that got me thinking. If I were a robot at Apple’s headquarters, what kind of car would I build.

So here are 5 things I think the…

I know I know but just hear me out

Okay so… Apple can keep the iPad for a cheap, easy to use, and powerful computing device but… after getting the M1 Macbook Air and having my beloved iPad Pro 2018 for 2 years now, I realized something… These things should really just be one thing.

iPadOS is not a good operating system for the hardware. When the iPad Pro 2018 first release it was bad (software-wise). The machine itself was amazing but the OS was not capable of the “Pro” workloads that so many people wanted it for.

So Apple decided to add a host of new features and…

It’ll blow you away (without making a sound)

Alright, so I finally actually picked up an M1 Macbook Air (base model 8GB of RAM and 256GB SSD) for about Thirteen hundred Canadian Rubles. Which for a high-end ultrabook is a pretty reasonable price. For context, I'm coming from a Huawei Matebook X Pro 2018 (16 GB RAM, 512GB SSD, i7–8550U, Nvidia MX150) which was about 1500 CAD. That machine is still running as smoothly and as good as the day I got it but… the M1 really intrigued me so I picked it up and handed my laptop to my younger sister.

Now that you’re familiar with that…

Apple VS Facebook. Does Facebook make a compelling enough argument?

So, what’s going on and why is Apple killing small businesses.

Before we talk about why Apple is under attack from Facebook we should talk a little about data privacy and how these platforms operate.

Companies, like Facebook, Google, or even Apple collect large amounts of data on you as a user when you use their services. Companies track everything you do on their platforms like what posts you like, what buttons you click, who you spend the time texting, everything. They use this data to build a sophisticated profile on you and their algorithms learn to categorize you. …

Apple can now look like they’re the good guys while having their middle finger directed straight at Epic

If you haven’t heard already, the makers of the ever so popular Fortnite, Epic Games, along with many other companies are currently in a legal battle with Apple over the “Apple Tax”. To learn more about it, you can read my article here,

The TLDR however is that Epic Games demands that both Apple and Google should reduce their 30% cut on in-app purchases. Why? Essentially Companies must use Apple’s own payment processing services for in-app purchases, which means that if they don’t comply they’ll be removed from the app store. …

Why you’re next laptop might be an ARM-based Macbook

I was skeptical. When I heard Apple would be transitioning to their own 5nm SoC, I thought cool, it’ll be super-efficient and run safari great but suck at everything else.

I was so wrong.

To get it out of the way, here are the benchmarks:

If understanding AI ever scared you, don’t worry it’s not so bad!

So what is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence (or AI) is a field in computer science that focuses on solving problems by applying learning techniques (and some math).

In some ways, AI and the field, in general, focuses on building programs that try and imitate the way your own brain works.

But let’s talk about learning some more because it's important in understanding artificial intelligence.

There are so many ways we as humans or even other animals learn. Let’s take my dog, Buster. When Buster was a pup I wanted to teach him to roll over, but I had two main problems. The first is that…

But what are these nutrition labels exactly and will they help protect your data?

Apple has always been very privacy-focused as of late, and as Android and iOS are becoming more and more similar having a differentiation when it comes to privacy is huge for Apple. Unlike Google, Apple’s path is to limit the tracking of its users and protect them from other apps that run on their phones.

The problem, however, is that Apple can’t stop every app on its store from tracking you.

Some apps require location or data to function properly. These include apps like fitness tracking apps that might use your location data to map out the area you ran…

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