More than Telecom Expense Management

Telecom Expense Management (TEM) reduces business’ telecom costs by an estimated 30%[1]. Making for a compelling business case. But where most TEM vendors deliver their ROI with sourcing and inventory management, Kansoly extends the business case with best practice SaaS learnings.

Gartner recently reported on how vendors like Kansoly are expanding the TEM category. Kansoly uses the Gartner ePurchasing framework. By doing so we have created differentiators that encourage our customers to adopt Kansoly TEM.

Cloud Integration

Telecom expense management solutions include invoice and contract management, invoice audit, and accounts payable invoice processing. But while traditional vendors rely on manual invoice collection, modern solutions integrate with supplier portals. Automating the repetitive task of collecting raw telecom invoice and usage data. Then transforming it into usable analytics and accounts payable files. The benefit of this approach is faster onboarding of data and automated updating of the TEM functions.

Accounts Payable Automation

Routine accounts payable invoice processing creates a consolidated payment file on an as-received basis. But this approach relies on accounts payable to de-duplicate and sanity check proposed payments.

Accounts payable automation internalises these ‘sanity’ check requirements. Creating de-duplicated ‘clean’ consolidated invoice files. Internally validating invoices and externally validating them to their bill feed. By doing so AP automation pushes validations upstream. Removing errors from AP systems and reducing remedial work.

SaaS Delivery Model

Delivering TEM to customers via a SaaS model accelerates delivery times. Cutting onboarding to minutes. While the subscription model creates operating expenditure advantages over the historical method of a capex software investment.

Most TEM vendors install their solution over three months. A cloud SaaS approach shortens this de facto standard. Taking a software approach to supplier and customer integration means structured data like invoices, HR data, and finance data are leveraged. Giving customers a shorter payback on their investment.

TEM vendors historically have taken a risk-retainer approach to their fees. Pricing services based on customer value rather than delivery cost. A SaaS delivery upends this fee model. There’s little difference in overhead (beyond server time) in processing 10 invoices or 1000 invoices. And where analysis and reporting is automated there’s supporting resource impact is minimised. Best-of-breed SaaS TEM vendors are pricing their products on a cost-plus model. Allowing customers to benefit from the value of better managing the telecom category.



Bruce Macfarlane is the founder of Kansoly a source to pay telecom expense management platform for business. If you’re looking to drive down your company’s costs across voice, fixed line, or mobile contact Bruce via Linkedin, twitter or email.

[1] Gartner, Telecom Expense Management Reduces the Cost of IoT Connectivity Services, 14 October 2016 ID: G00316758

Kansoly is more than telecom expense management