1. Sketch First

People always try to skip all of the beginning steps and go straight to the finish product. Sketch the idea that you have in your head. There is more than one way to execute the idea that you have so sketch it out and come up with as many possibilities as possible.

2. Do Your Research

When it comes to logos, your first idea is probably your worst idea. Not of the since of creativity, but it has probably already been done. Now with the world of the internet, everything has to be on the internet. With that, everyone wants a symbol that can be associated with their brand. The last thing you want to do is make something that’s already out there.

3. Make sure it works across all platforms.

A logo is more than just a mark for clothes or whatever your business is. It’s apart of your brand. Make sure it represents everything that you and your brand stands for and that info is clearly communicated.

4. Keep it simple, but original.

In order for your logo to fit across all platforms such as business cards, clothing, envelopes and much more, it needs to be simple. No one likes busy-ness. But in that same token, no one wants a logo that not interesting and doesn’t capture the eye.

5. Market it well.

Creating the logo is only half the battle. You now have to sell the people on what you represent. There is nothing worse than a great logo with terrible marketing. You have to make people believe you know what you’re talking about.

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