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This piece is a (sad) over-reaction and complete misinterpretation of the definition of “Political Correctness” interfering with the far more valuable and fast fading, if not entirely lost, art of Satire.

If you want to be outraged at Sexist, Racist, [Insert Any]Phobic and call for ANYONE to resign, you should look at what is happening in the White House. Right now. That should be where we should put our outrage.

Please leave HBO and Maher alone. It and he are very likely the last final bastion of truly free social satire we have left. Please out aside your dictionary and try to understand this.

Plus, the N-word stopped being a thing when black people started calling each other it affectionately, and have now made Billions of dollars worth of music, in which the unapologetic use of it is the primary most common element in the lyrics.

White people deciding to ban it’s use now, is in fact the far more derogatory act.

I agree that White people should NEVER even attempt to use the word in any context other than recognizing it’s historically repugnant use by White people who fostered slavery. But when occasionally, people like Maher do, I think we all know (or should at least) that the context is entirely social satire and in good (healthy) humor.

And the truth of that, is the real reason why the audience (and the good senator) laughed.