Tillerson making all the same mistakes of previous US foreign policy blunders

Yesterday the US Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson said this, “Our goal is not regime change, nor do we desire to threaten the North Korean people or destabilize the Asia Pacific region,”. Today he said this, “We must levy new sanctions on DPRK entities and individuals supporting its weapons and missile programs, and tighten those already in place,”

This week Trump said this, “There is a chance that we could end up having a major, major conflict with North Korea. Absolutely,”


But first, the historical US foreign policy blunders.

Since 1953 when the US first began experimenting with “Covert Regime Change” in Iran, by out-smearing the British, to remove the only Democrat in Iranian history, and installing a puppet dictator, US foreign policy has spent the last half of the 20th century and looks like most of this one, Pursuing Pandora’s Purse of supporting the very worst actors in the most dangerous parts of the world. Purely hoping they can herd these cats. Cats who now have nukes, chemical, and in some cases better conventional weapons than the US has. With the added feature of apparently really motivated, talented, and the most creative guerilla armies in the world.

With the exact results you would expect from sheer stupidity, and Ew! Gross! negligence. And then there’s the culturally insulting incompetence that makes the American government (only the government mind you, the American people are still admired in spite of it) look hilariously inept to the rest of the civilized world. Add to it now, the entire staff of the White Hose. (No that’s the correct spelling)

Let’s start with Viet Nam. The war everyone wants to forget. Except the Americans who fought in it, can’t. With literally NO reason to invade SouthEast Asia, the US spent Nov 1, 1955 to Apr 30, 1975, trying to do something or other to South Vietnam, North Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos. We still do not know what the objective was. But it certainly killed 58,220 Americans. 1,626 are still missing. Nevermind the millions of, people we keep being told are lesser. And after that, the US withdrew. And then things got really bad.

US ineptitude in Iran from 1953–1979, directly led to the hostage crisis, and culminated with Khomeini proving to every militant extremist who just happened to choose Islam as his faith, that not only was it possible to bloody the nosey American nose, but you can actually have a fully functional modern Islamic State, and no one would dare touch you. [Offline, I will be happy to argue why I think Osama Bin Laden wanted his own Sunni version of Iran. A mantle ISIS has now picked up.]

In Iraq the US literally toppled the wrong dictator. Mismanaged the occupation, put a pine tree deodorizer on the mirror and handed the keys over to Iran. Who while Condie Rice was literally standing in the room watching it happen, installed the exact same Iranian Constitution, declaring Iraq to be another Islamic State. Part of the newly invented “Greater Arab nation”. With no law ever to be allowed, that goes against the Qoran, as it is now the guiding light of all Iraqi legislation. “Mission Accomplished” indeed.

Afghanistan? Even worse. Apparently the same US military, that during every NFL football game is still advertised as “the best trained, most advanced lethal fighting force in the history of the world”, 140,000 of them, still to this day, after 14 years-ish have still not been able to defeat, maybe 15,000 Taliban? Apparently “hiding behind rocks and in caves” is still a big deal as modern computerized satellite technically advanced lethal army challenges go. Bombings, suicide, or IED, still happening routinely in the markets in and around Kabul, right now. $400 Billion later, that no one can see any result of or point to, it turns out that apparently Afghans have a “rich tribal fierce warrior tradition”, that no one knew about. They also seem to have a “strong will to resist occupation” no one thought they might want to break first.

And we’ve now run the gambit of total abject indifference in Syria. Resulting in the most ridiculous theory that, it turns out that the dream of every Syrian refugee, all along, was to become a German Sausage maker. And to fish for and pickle herring in Sweden. Who knew! From no reaction whatsoever by Obama while 500,000 Syrians died. To now Trump’s inability to destroy one single Syrian airport with 59 cruise missiles. The most clinically stupid response to just one, in the longest line of the most insulting horrific crimes humanity has recently witnessed.

In the starkest contrast, post World War II, US foreign policy was to directly, totally, defeat and specifically, and completely, break the will of the entire population (Germany and Japan). Followed by a full and total occupation, during which a US Military commander, using American military and civilian experts, administered every single aspect of day to day life in the occupied country. No discussion. No negotiation. 100% US military occupation and administration. For 10 solid years in Germany and Japan. At the end, even after hand-over to democratic civilian rule, maintaining a permanent US military presence, and prohibiting them from ever having their own army again. Ever.

Then, not satisfied. The US went back in, and spent hundreds of billions under the Marshall Plan, rebuilding each into what is today, the two most loyal and friendly partners the US has ever had. Each country, at the very the top of economic success in their respective regions.

Now back to Rex Wayne Tillerson. And his “idea” that this time around, even though the US has only ever failed doing it over and over, again and again. This time, the “King Wagon-maker” (def. of Rex and Wayne) thinks sanctions and promises of no regime change will work in North Korea! This time the 3rd of 3 generations of juvenile delinquent, a murderous, illegitimate leader, with clear delusions of global domination, and the precision of a fine tuned swiss cuckoo clock in brutally oppressing his literally starving people, he infects, will see the light. No, this time around the US thinks that promising him he can stay and continue his father’s and grandfather’s legacy of non-defecating dictator deity, will somehow bring him to the table. And give up the only thing legitimizing him now.

Sheer logic dictates the US should be threatening the opposite. But like always those in the anti-democratic non-consensus control of US policy have incompetent untenured ideas on what makes sense to do when handling idiots abroad.

Consider who we’ve put in charge now. A Civil Engineer who knew nothing about Oil, who still managed to make a huge career at the very worst oil company in the history of the world, thinks he knows “how to talk to world leaders”, because he used to routinely rape their oil out from under them. A doddering old redneck, completely out of his realm, is now pretending to be stern, hoping someone, anyone will be scared of his nonsensical mumbling.

If you are waiting for me to offer any answers, or expect me to suggest any solutions. Think again. There are no easy answers to the messed up, tangled web of problems the US has spent the last 64 years spinning itself into. Certainly not now. There is no obvious way out. No Hollywood happy ending. Sometimes you screw things up so bad, even John Wayne can’t ever fix them. Certainly now, Rex Wayne can’t.

But what should be plain to see, is that business as usual, or the automatic suggestion that these problems, can be better solved by simply letting ego maniacs with “Business expertise” try stuff out that has already failed many times, and worst of all, learn on the job, is literally retarded.

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