Is Life Absurd Without God?
Andrés Ruiz

If we are experiencing life in which “God” exists, then I would really like to have a word with the manager. God seems an eternal bore, an incompetent ass, that one guy you hope to hell you don’t get stuck rooming with in college- so needy and clingy, so much wanting to impress you with how strong he is or how clever he is and how you should praise him for it, even as he fails. In fact, “God” is only a projection of man’s supreme insecurity. That’s why He (“He”, lol) is so moldable and, therefore, so meaningless.

Who gets to decide what makes a life meaningful or absurd? You? Me? “God”? I choose to live my life with as little purpose as possible knowing that, when it ends, it makes absolutely no difference- a life filled with “purpose” (and, again, who decides what that is?) or a purposeless one. In the end, it is all folly, with meaning possibly assigned by survivors whose lives will also end, and then, where is your meaning? What value does this meaning possess? Dreams of eternity are fever dreams.

In the end, all of it is folly, and there is nothing wrong with that, so cue the band, and let’s get to dancing!

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