2018: Bitcoin Finally Goes Mainstream

Yeah, yeah, I know. I see how many could think that Bitcoin is already mainstream. But one thing is hearing or reading about it, another is getting involved. 2018 will be the year when finally BTC is not a mysterious mystical creature, but a normal currency just like USD or EUR.

In fact, with BTC breaking the 10K USD barrier and no signs of slowing down, it would not come as a surprise if the crypto user space will double, triple, or who knows, it might even “10x”; especially since BTC will soon make its way toward Wall Street.

I got to say, while catching up on my favorite latest TV shows, “The Big Bang Theory” and “Brooklyn 9/9”, it became even more clear: the latest episode on both shows featured Bitcoin. Meanwhile “Mr. Robot” created its own coin “E-Coin”.

Is mainstream good or bad? Who knows! But oh, how many times have I seen someone regretting not investing in 2016, 2015, 2014, and so forth. To them I have to say: start now. You are still in time. I do not believe Bitcoin to be a bubble. It will keep increasing throughout 2018. But guess what? Unlike the media’s depiction, BTC is not the only cryptocurrency. There are so many out there it’s literally overwhelming. Do your research, study and put in the hours to find a project worth your investment and you can make a decent profit yourself. Good luck!

An update on my portfolio “a journey to $1.000.000”:

When I first seen the following article BlockTix (TIX) was only $0.14. Unfortunately I was not able to acquire capital to invest in TIX as fast as I thought. However, I invested at $0.28 but still made some amazing profit. Shoutout to Dean! This guy called on Ethereum’s (ETH) meteoric rise back in 2015 when it was merely under a $1. As if that was not enough he called on Augur and NEO when they were nuts compared to today’s price. Let’s hope his prediction on Stox will turn out successful as well. You can find the article here:

Thanks for bearing with my rant. Good luck!