Airbnb IPO In 2016 Would Get A Lot Of Hype

So far 2016 has been a bad year for stock markets around the world and this has led to a drop off in IPO’s. No company wants to go public when markets are tanking and money is drying up.

Tech IPO’s especially, are seeing leaner times due to all the “bubble” coverage and if things continue like this throughout the year, some companies that want to go public in 2016 might choose to delay. But other than a possible Uber IPO, what investors want most this year is some news that Airbnb has decided to take the plunge.

From what I’m seeing, there is a lot of interest among investors worldwide for an Airbnb IPO. Much like Uber, Airbnb operates around the globe (currently in over 190 countries) and this greatly hightens the awarness of the brand and raises the hype and anticipation for the stock. People see this company as the next hot thing in the travel industry and as more and more people use it, the more interest is generated in getting in “early” on a new stock.

The economy of sharing really caught on in 2015 and should only accelerate this year. Younger generations of people seem content to do things differently than their elders and Airbnb taps right into that mentality. Hotels are suffering and the legal battles abound just like they do in the ride sharing space so both Uber and Airbnb have some significant hurdles to overcome. But the momentum is definitely behind the “sharing” models that these two companies have put forward and it seems they will win in the long run.

Airbnb is attempting to move into China which could obviously be one of its bigger markets. Whenever any company talks about moving into China, the sheer numbers of people requires that you take notice. Airbnb taking hold in China may not happen for months or years but if it does happen, it will server to boost the stock’s IPO price.

As the Airbnb model of renting rooms gains popularity and acceptance around the world, people who have never invested before will start to want to own this stock. That is why the IPO will be a big one and get an immense amount of coverage from the financial news publications and networks that are starved for exciting news.