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Hey.. Science refuses to acknowledge science… and I dont blame it.

After all…science tells us we should eat meat for..protein? It’s healthy for us and we need it!!

Meanwhile, raising meat to eat is destroying the planet. Eating meat is causing untold health problems.

If you get 20% of your calories from meat, you will get cancer. If you get less than 5% of your calories from meat, you are far less likely to get cancer. Not even going to mention heart disease. … Heart disease that can be arrested or even improved simply by taking on a whole foods diet.

Interesting how science proves all the above as true, and yet our govt scientists and scientists in general (and specially docs and pharma) refuse to disseminate the information.

In China, there are areas where the incident rate for certain cancers is higher than the countryside by several hundred factors. What is the difference? Diet… those areas have adopted a more Western style diet featuring lots of meat.

In Japan 1% of women get breast cancer. In Western worlds eating a typical western diet women are 20 times more likely to get breast cancer.

Is it any wonder we have an inherent distrust of authority and science in general?

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