A Gentle Reminder That Jesus Was A Brown Middle Eastern Refugee Who Would Not Have Voted For Trump
Sara Benincasa

If this wasn’t a serious post, it would be funny. I’m ok with a brown Jesus. However, he was not a refugee…he was a JEW…Israel was his homeland. How did you get that idea? He didn’t offer free healthcare and didn’t protest against a colonial occupying power. Where do you get that? The only thing he ever said about the Romans was: “give unto Caesar (the Romans) what belongs to Caesar and unto God what is God’s.

Jesus was not a conservative in that day, correct. Yet that is no condemnation of today’s society at all. At best it is wishful projection.

The bible has been translated….ie from one language to another but never edited. This again is wishful projection. Why someone would say this without giving any evidence for it is either because of ignorance or of deliberate evil desires. I don’t know which is true here.

Jesus would have voted for the candidate that would do America the most good. Since both candidates have moral failures, his vote would not have been affected by that. Remember the woman caught in adultery? He asked her “who condemns you” She said, no one, Lord. His answer? Neither do I, go and sin no more. Did he castigate her for her failure? Did he strip away her dignity? Did he shame her? Did he hold her up to ridicule in front of the nation? Nope….it’s called Compassion. You know, l o v e. Why are some of you quick to condemn Trump for a failure of the past that has been CONVENIENTLY remembered just 3 weeks before the election? While you are minimizing what Bill and Hillary have done? You also need to remember that Jesus’ harshest words went to the hypocrites. Those who preached righteousness but were corrupt. Does that remind you of anyone? Jesus certainly would not have voted for Hillary.

I’m glad some Catholics read the bible. I wish all would read it. Catholics and protestants alike. Believers and non believers alike. We could all use some sanity and righteousness in this evil day.

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