All the things mentioned on #EatSleepWorkRepeat

For 2017 I’ve started a short series of podcasts on happiness and work culture. I’m obsessed with what makes us content at work and the podcast explores that. You can find the podcast here or on iTunes.

A lot of the guests mention things they’ve read and so this article is the links to all of those things. The most recent episode is at the top.

EPISODE 1: Friends and Flow

An extended first episode with guests Sue Todd (@suetodd2) — founder of culture consultancy, Wonder — and Richard Reeves (@RichardvReeves) — author of Happy Mondays.

More details on Wonder:

Happiness by Design — Paul Dolan (

Jennifer Senior TED Talk:

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi on Flow:

The Organised Mind by Daniel Levitin:

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