Refreshing your timeline

A few weeks ago I saw stories of someone leaving Twitter. I realised I’d actually stopped finding said person’s Tweets interesting a long time ago. They’d all become a bit tired. While it’s sad when people leave a platform, it’s maybe not massively different to when a once-loved TV show used to come to an end after a long-run. New shows were part of the process of television remaining fresh and interesting.

So I thought I should maybe refresh my own timeline of who I follow.

I tend to follow things that I’m interested in real life (not work). Like most people I try to avoid people who tweet their company’s blog posts (especially if those blog posts come from where I work).

Because sharing is caring, here’s some of my favourite people follows (sometimes with reasons). It’s not exhaustive. Kanye and Popjustice’s tweets are my favourite — but you’ve probably heard of both of them so they’re not here.

Funny Tweeters — crazy, baffling, necessary — politics, humour — this could have sat anywhere in this badly created list. But he’s brilliant

Journalist voices spiky humour and opinion, writes for Wired UK — makes me laugh, daily — Guardian US writer —has written several essential articles about dating for Vanity Fair -not only is her Twitter everything I wish mine was — witty, informed and perceptive but her new book All The Single Ladies is one of the best reads (erm… actually listens in my case) of the year. — investigated Solerogate in Scotland but is routinely brilliant — one of my favourite people. Her book Ctrl Alt Delete also comes out in a few months — the ruler of Twitter, obvs

Changing the world — Britain’s youngest MP — campaigning to create a new generation of more empathetic web users

Politics — probably the best person tweeting in the UK today, Telegraph sketch writer — politics and data at the Guardian — R1 DJ, life affirmingly brilliant — great DJ, fantastic at internet — female tech site, includes humour and attitude — digital espionage and hacking expert — prolific tech (and life) lover

Music — new Head of Music R1, he seems to be doing some great things. Just waiting for the purge of rock music from the playlist — Head of Kiss radio (NYT writer, writer of Song Machine — best music book of 2015) — funny opinions, now sadly retired from making music — redefining lyric annotation and music writing — opinion and music

Film/TV — movies at Telegraph, essential — creator of The Wire, brilliant tweeter — show runner for The Affair — great tweeter — especially when the show is on — TV comedian, funny

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