How to make peanut butter toast
Laura Turner

Hi Laura, I am happy for you that you derive so much pleasure from Jif on toast. But let me try to broaden your Jif experiences. I like to use an iced tea spoon to apply my Jif. It is perfect to apply Jif to a perfectly prepared stick of celery! And I like to cut my bread into four five sticks, fried in a little butter in a frying pan. Just takes a sec. Put a dab of Jif and bite. Dab, bite, dab, bite etc. It is so good you will want more, but because it is so good you have to restrain yourself or in a short time you will have no more Jif and no more bread! But an excellent thing to keep in mind (besides buying Jif in six-packs,) is that if you are preparing to go to bed, and you notice a little hunger pang because dinner was so many hours earlier, go check your freezer for ice cream. I hope you found some triple chocolate premium ice cream. [Trust me on this because I learned this from my dear depated mother who was a very wise woman.] First, in this circumstance you are permitted to eat ice cream directly from the container. Don’t make noise during all this because you don’t want to wake other’s because you might end up having to share! So, using the iced tea spoon, dip it into the Jif and fill it about one third to one half way. Then, use the spoon to scoop out a generous amount of ice cream. Next, with only a minimum delay during which you can look at and admire this lovely concoction, go ahead and put it in your mouth. Use you lips so you can pull all the Jif and ice cream. Go slowly now and work it around in your mouth. Enjoy the texture and you will notice how it is improved by the combination.

Repeat as necessary. Notice how much better the ice cream is with the Jif taste. And the Jif is room temperature and the ice cream is so cold! Each makes the other even better. Enjoy.

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