You need an editor, Bruce, and much of that seems to be directed at someone else.

Question #1: Did you “feel a little manlier, somewhat more righteous, and many dollars richer” during Mr. Obama’s regime, Bruce?

Answer #1: In part …” I feel less safe, less proud, less brave, less wealthy, and less secure.” 2nd Answer: “no.” Both responses ignored with dismisssive .

Question #2: And did you protest vigorously against Hillary’s wars?

Answer #2: ” In response to the 2nd(snarky) query: No, my disdain for the opportunistic ‘cheerleader’ was much more broad than pacifist.” Though I did offer numerous criticisms of her “Neo-all” State Dept war mongering.

Question #3: “ Are you getting your threads confused?”

Answer #3: No.

I disagreed with the nature and substance of your seeming premise that “The TALK” was ineffective, possibly “insane”, and a contributing factor to white on black criminal behavior toward young Blacks. Further, I attempted to engage some (unrecognized) alternative that might have been offered by you in your criticism of “The TALK”. Each of your responses has ignored and dismissed my efforts with invective and sarcasm. Whatever satisfaction I have afforded your ego, I remain querulous regarding your intention and justification for demeaning parents’ efforts to warn children of realistic, possible, unjustified, potential danger. Your responses offer nothing of explanation.