Image credit to Jake Dunham

Building Bridges

In the shoes of a Solutions Engineer

Whether they build bridges or write code, all engineers are by definition creative problem solvers — problems they strive to solve are however often very different. At Facebook, Solutions Engineers aim to reconcile business challenges with technology by finding creative ways in which various technologies can be combined to create effective solutions.

Solutions Engineers embed themselves in the businesses of their partners trying to understand their purpose in the world — how these businesses interact with their consumers and how technology can help them make more meaningful connections with people.

Working with partners, they help translate marketing vision into technical execution. Reciprocally, they have the ability to translate deeply technical concepts into layman’s terms to rally not only engineers but all parties involved within a project.

Solutions Engineers sit at the crossroads between various teams like core engineering, product & marketing within organizations helping facilitate communication but also helping bringing ideas from the market to life.
This has become a critical function at Facebook, not only to ensure the success of our partners on the platform but also to prototype opportunities we identify in the market while interacting with clients.

Eventually — Solutions Engineers are Software Engineers with a strong passion for partner interaction and a good sense of business, striving to help advertisers become better marketers. They contribute to creating delightful experiences for consumers making marketing more relevant and effectively driving more business for their clients.

Engineering Director @ Facebook. Inexhaustible idea machine, Entrepreneur & Hacker at Heart.

Engineering Director @ Facebook. Inexhaustible idea machine, Entrepreneur & Hacker at Heart.