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John, you can cry racism, xenophobia, and accuse them all of spreading ebola for all I care. There is a LOT of smoke from a LOT of people connected to the Trump campaign. ALL of them are connected to Russia in some way or another. Russia hacked DNC emails and released them to hurt Clinton and help Trump. All your braying and noisemaking can’t change that. Sorry some of them don’t have nefarious connections to Jamaica, Switzerland, and Japan, but they don’t. And isn’t it really interesting how they ALL are connected to Russia, Trump has always had a weird fondness for and said nice things about Putin, and they changed the GOP platform to remove language about Ukraine annexation? I can only LOL when I think about how you and the GOP would be screaming for the guillotine it this was Clinton and her team with all this smoke. Buckle up komrade, it’s going to be a fun ride!

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