Hillary names new reason for election loss

Wikileaks today released a new tranche of emails between former First Lady Hillary Clinton and John Podesta and other of the leaders of her failed presidential campaign. Mrs. Clinton has spent the week in interviews in which she has blamed FBI director James Comey, Russian autocrat Vladimir Putin, Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, Loretta Lynch, and misogynist American voters, for her election loss. In the newly released emails Clinton added a new culprit: gay Democrats.

“At first gay Democrats were our biggest supporters and most reliable donors, which is why I tried to signal this important community by promoting one of their own to manage my campaign,” Clinton writes, referring to Robbie Mook. “And who else did we have — Donna Brazile, who left Gore in flames, or Bob Shrum, who ran out of town and was never seen again? We have almost no Democrats who have a consistent record of managing winning gubernatorial and congressional campaigns. Robbie at least had a few wins.”

“But who knew the Mook Mafia would refuse to send the campaign into any state without the right assortment of gay bars to satisfy all of Robbie’s staff — leathermen, silver daddies, bears and cubs and otters and wolves — so we never made it Pennsylvania, Michigan, or Wisconsin.”

“And I didn’t appreciate the way that the increased gay coloration of the campaign led to so much innuendo about my special friendship with Huma. Friendships between two women, like all womanly activities, have little in common with male behavior.”

Mrs. Clinton opined that the current Democratic leadership is spending too much time blaming her or forces beyond their control like the Russians, and not learning from the campaign’s failures. “We needed to get out women voters as well as African American voters — but we also needed to get working class men as well. Every day during the campaign Americans saw Josh Earnest representing the White House, and Brian Fallon and Robbie Mook representing my campaign. Pretty, smart enough, but no real men can identify with them and no normal heterosexual woman has the least bit of interest in a metrosexual pajama boy. Having beaten those bimbos back for years as they threw themselves at Bill, I can tell you they want a bad boy with power, not some smooth crotched Ken doll.”

In another email Mrs. Clinton reprises a recurring Democratic theme, how the existence of FOX News should have been challenged on regulatory grounds before it and other new media allowed a silent majority of unrepresented voters to find a voice. “As long as Trump is appointing people to the Federal Communications Commission and the Supreme Court, we in the Resistance will have to find other ways to oppose the vast right wing media conspiracy. Every day that damn Tucker Carlson and the other FOX people have on yet another castrated chihuahua representing the Democrat Party and our media friends — Zach Petkanas, David Tafuri, Jeff Mason, Mark Hannah — these guys make Blumenthal look butch! As long as there is a right wing media conspiracy to portray the Democratic Party as hostile to everything masculine, we can’t win elections outside of coastal cities. It almost makes me pine for the days of real Democratic men, like John Edwards. Our only hope is to encourage as many harassment and affirmative action suits against every conservative website, talk show, and radio network.”