What’s your dog really eating?
Michael Waxman

I think you overstate the dangers of using raw meat. We have feed our two dogs a homemade dog food for a couple of years now. We live in a climate that goes from 5 degrees c in winter to as hot as 45 degrees c in summer. And we have had no trouble. We make it up from 50% dog mince and 25% brown rice 25% veges. The key is how the meat is handled. We get dog mince fresh from the butcher and frozen in 500 gram bags. We handle as you would any meat in a hot climate. We only thaw the mince in the fridge overnight. we precook the rice and veges every few days. We mix and feed them straight away. Some days the food making machine gets out of step, so we feed them kibble feed while we reset, but the dogs have never looked better. We started this because our lab was showing early signs of arthritis and she moves better now. Keeping the bowls clean is not a chore, we just wash straight away.

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