Letters to Donald Trump

August 11, 2016

Dear Donald,

Jeepers creepers whatever am I going to do with you? Just yesterday you said that Secretary Mrs. Clinton wanted to abolish the Second Amendment, and that if she gets to pick Supreme Court judges there isn’t anything the people can do about it — “although with the Second Amendment people maybe there is.”

Hoo-boy here we go again. Back in January, 2010 a tough Nevada Tea Party cookie called Sharron Angle used the term “Second Amendment remedies” meaning — well using guns to get your way. When you said “Second Amendment people” yesterday, I’m sure it never occurred to you that some people would remember all the way back to 2010 and think you might be meaning something bad to Secretary Clinton. Just between you and me, when you said that, I thought of “Second Amendment remedies,” myself. I did. So did a lot of people, I think. And now we have to go through everybody and their brother being asked if they thought you were hinting about hurting Mrs. Clinton. Ugh! This is NOT a good direction for your campaign.

But this gets me to what I need to tell you. There are some crazy people out there. And you know what? They’re whack-a-doodle! When you say “Second Amendment people” they think “Second Amendment remedies,” and they start cleaning their guns. Honest. We call that “being responsible with your language.” Not something developers need to worry about but Presidents have to worry about every word they say. Every. Word. They. Say. Knowing what you think about “political correctness,” this is going to give you gas like there’s no tomorrow. But your friend is here to tell you this is NOT political correctness, it’s just being a big boy adult. “Wise ass” has a limited appeal among the American electorate. You’re about to find this out.

(Speaking of big boys, I told you we were in California visiting family and I can’t tell you how much you remind me of our 9-year old.)

A couple more things:

  • When the media interpret what you say as coded signals to your followers, they think you’re smart enough to do that. Remember, you told us about “your very good brain…”?
  • Nobody is fooled by what you meant when you said “Second Amendment people.”
  • This isn’t funny.

Oh, and most people would be horrified if their words were being interpreted this way.

Your friend,