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Bruce K Shibuya (10)
Bruce K Shibuya (10)

Quality management expert Bruce K. Shibuya discusses why superior quality leads to lower costs for business owners because the total cost of quality increases revenue.

It’s no secret that customers want quality products. However, customers also want affordable products. For many manufacturers, combining the quality and the affordability customers want can seem like an impossible task. Bruce K. Shibuya is a quality management expert with decades of experience working with companies ranging from Microsoft to Toyota.

Bruce K. Shibuya explains that providing superior quality products can actually lead to superior affordability. While many manufacturers may be shaking their heads, Bruce…

Bruce Shibuya (10)
Bruce Shibuya (10)

The pandemic has closed factories, slowed shipping, and caused companies to re-evaluate everything. Bruce Shibuya, the previous Chief Operations Officer at Quanergy , maintains a proven track record of working in supply chain operations. He takes a close look at what companies are dealing with in regard to their supply chains.

Bruce Shibuya recommends that everyone reviews what their supply chain looks like so they can see how they’re going to deal with it. In some instances, suppliers are not generating any new products. It can lead to running out of inventory or the means to produce based on getting…

THOUSAND OAKS, CA, UNITED STATES, August 12, 2020 / — Bruce K. Shibuya recently discussed the Toyota executive management award and why he’s honored to have received it.

Bruce K. Shibuya has been in the auto industry for decades. He has worked as the Lexus Quality National Manager, the Chief Operations Officer at Quanergy systems, and has held numerous executive or senior positions at Hyundai/KIA, Coda Automotive, and more. The years of hard work Bruce K. Shibuya dedicated to the Toyota/Lexus company led him to receive the Toyota executive management award.

Bruce K. Shibuya was presented with the award…

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25th June 2020, 01:11 GMT+10

Bruce K. Shibuya Shares Tips to Help Engineers with Management and Quality Skills and Mindset

Engineering management is a component that is often taken for granted. Engineers and quality control specialists often focus on the task at hand as opposed to the big picture. Bruce K. Shibuya, the Chief Operations Officer at Quanergy, focuses on engineering management — and offers tips to help others.

Bruce K. Shibuya, who has been in the industry for decades with a track record for accomplishing quality and reliability, explains that one of the most important things to…

The Pandemic Has Affected the Supply Chains Globally, explains Bruce Shibuya

THOUSAND OAKS, CA, UNITED STATES, June 26, 2020 / — The COVID-19 pandemic has shown just how supply chains globally are capable of being easily disrupted without proper preparation using new tools and methodologies. Across the globe, business operations have been impacted. This is as a result of lockdowns, quarantines, and reduced air travel. Bruce Shibuya, was Chief Operations Officer at Quanergy discusses how supply chains have been affected and how better management can help to move forward.

Bruce Shibuya has spent a significant amount of his career…

THOUSAND OAKS, CA, UNITED STATES, June 23, 2020 / — Bruce K. Shibuya has been acknowledged as an exceptional leader by more than one coworker and peers has remarked on his impressive foresight when it comes to technology in general and individual project forecasts. He has an eye for detail, a dedication to a deadline, and a seemingly intuitive mind for predictive analytics and manufactured intelligence. This is why Bruce K. Shibuya has had an impressive career as an inventor and leader and why his upward momentum is still occurring at the same rate. Bruce K. …

Attention to detail is an important quality to have, regardless of your industry. Find out how Bruce K. Shibuya became well known in his industry for his attention to detail.

All it takes is one company’s operations to impact the operations of many. Bruce Shibuya, previous Chief Operations Officer with Quanergy, has explored how supply chain management has been significantly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic around the country.

Surgery has always been about precision. Some surgeons have developed a reputation within their field for the amount of precision that they have been able to bring to the operating room. As Bruce Shibuya points out, there are a number of recalls that occur every year because robotics are being implemented without sufficient testing.

As the previous Chief Operating Officer at Qanergy, Bruce Shibuya has spent a significant amount of time examining quality and reliability. He looks at designs to ensure they are effective before being mass-produced.

Former Lexus Product Quality Leader Bruce Shibuya Discusses the Top New Vehicles Entering the Market for 2021

Former Lexus design team member Bruce Shibuya discusses the top new cars and trucks entering the market for 2021.

The latest and greatest vehicles for 2021 are hitting the market soon. Former Lexus design team member and vehicle design expert Bruce Shibuya recently released his list of the top new cars and trucks for 2021.

“Every year is more exciting than the last,” Bruce Shibuya says. “The latest models for 2021, will not disappoint, with never-before-seen improvements to the Cadillac Escalade, Chevy Stingray, Porche 911, and more.”

Bruce Shibuya explains that some of the best vehicles arriving by 2021 have never been…

Bruce Shibuya

Bruce Shibuya has a strong-proven track-record of accomplishments in quality, reliability, manufacturing, and supply chain operations including several start-up

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