Above and Below the Law

If you haven’t been listening to the growing alarm bells during this election, perhaps it is time you started.

Many on the Left laughed when the Republican primary produced a reality TV star candidate with zero experience and a penchant for offending more than half the electorate. A guy that brags about buying politicians and is beneath paying taxes, doing whatever it takes to stay just below the law.

They laughed even harder, because they had one of the most qualified candidates to ever run. A former US Senator and Secretary of State with eight years of executive branch experience. There was no contest.

Except now many on the Right are the ones laughing at a candidate that is somehow above the law. A candidate who lied about her disregard for the law and who made false assurances about how she handled information. Yet, when lesser citizens have all but fried for smaller transgressions, she will face no legal consequences because she was the Secretary and is now running for President.

Then there are the rest of us Americans sailing on the ship as it heads full-steam into this complete and total sh@storm. That is what this is. What was once ridiculous hyperbole is now the new political reality. We have gone from dumpster fire to Station Fire. It is a tragedy of alarming proportions.

We need not panic, though. Not just yet at least. We still have all the votes. At their conventions, the parties might pull back from the brink of political insanity. But if they close their eyes and march on, we need a plan B. Not just any old B, either. To upset the two party machine, plan B needs to provide such a stark contrast that voting major party would be like choosing suicide over a miracle cure.

The single largest problem with having two candidates above and below the law is that they represent everything wrong with politics today. They are two different sides of the same corrupt coin, with one buying and the other selling the wares of self enrichment. Neither represents the people. It is not in their very nature to do so.

If we are to turn this around we need a representative, not just a leader. True leaders are not megalomaniacs. They inspire the very best in everyone while distilling the brightest ideas into well supported strategy. To accomplish this, we need to modernize our relationship with elected officials, making it simple and easy to exchange ideas between citizens and representatives.

Bernie was right in calling for a political revolution, but he was not up to the task for a majority of Americans. If there is a candidate that can build that interface — one that invests more in civic infrastructure than political soundbites — we can not only weather this storm, we can right the ship. I truly believe that.

The only question I have is, will anyone answer the distress call?

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