Different as night and day — voting for change starts whenever we decide it does

Just when you think the election could not possibly get any more complex, the FBI goes and sticks its foot in the door. If you feel like you are trapped in some kind horrid nightmare set in the deep dark of the night, you are not alone.

There is nothing bright about this election cycle, and a future with either major party candidate only promises more darkness. No matter who wins, Congress will block them. No matter who wins — given each sordid past — the odds of impeachment proceedings getting filed within the very first year in office are only increasing. How can anything good possibly come of this?

Is a lose-lose really the only possible outcome? No it is not, and it never was.

We need to wake from this collective nightmare, and see the light of day. Governor Gary Johnson got on the ballot in all fifty states well before the first debate and at one point polled higher in likely voters than either candidate received in primary votes. Yet, the media told voters not to take him seriously, while the unreasonably partisan Commission on Presidential Debates blocked Gary from taking the stage.

Those that see Trump as an outsider are falling for one of the oldest cons in the book called a “pig in a poke.” Inside the bag Tump has promising a presidency unbeholden to the establishment, but inside the bag is an animal unbeholden to anyone.

Those voters that clearly know what is in the bag may not be buying the Trump con, but they are still falling for the fallacy of an affirming disjunction. If not Trump then the only “logical choice” must be Hillary.

I get it. Change can be scary, but do you know what is even more terrifying? Mass complicity in voting for what is obviously a broken system. We need to stop making excuses for sleeping our way through this nightmare. We need to wake up to the reality that there is an alternative.

Governor Gary Johnson is the perfect antidote to the poison that the major parties have brewed up over the past decade. Not only can we avoid a lose-lose situation, we can have a win-win. Waiting another four years is not going to make the problems before us any smaller.

The choice this election could not be any clearer than night and day. It is four years of darkness, or four years of bright sunshine.

Join us now, help wake America to a bright and prosperous future, and learn more about what it means to #LiveFree.