If Trump is Impeached, it Might Be the End of America
Isaac Simpson

The most venal and stupid commentary I’ve read in 61 years of life — and I’ve read some doozys!
Let me make sure I understand your premise here —

WE can all support a Raging idiot for 4 years — watching him decimate the economy, the environment and our foreign policy relationships — or we will be “destroyed” by a cabal led by alex jones and his friends?

Here’s a reality check for you — Americans should do what’s right — not pander to a group of gun toting idiots who voted this moron in on an anger high.

If Alex and the 38% that represent the ACTUAL number of all TRUMP supporters rise up — I want a bag of popcorn and a front row seat when their silly ass militias have to go up against the 1st mountain brigade, or the Navy Seals or any other unit of the ACTUAL military. It will be a fun, albeit short, view of the cleansing of the Gene pool of people too stupid to live.

Let’s see — a group or rag tag farmers, angry over taxes and tyranny, rise to resist a professional army with their muskets — -Where have I heard that legend before ? Here’s the problem with that MEME — it AIN’T SO! It took French and German Military advisors/trainors — building a professional army for the American Revolution to happen — and a government far, far away with huge logistical issues — and a monarch who wasn’t really interested in the fight.

No, this will look more like what happens when a dumb-ass gang banger or 2 decide to take on the cops in a last stand — it’s about a 30 second stand…and it ends predictably — with the well trained and well armed police gunning them down.

This kind of horse shit “be very afraid” nonsense needs to be seen for what it is — the silly ravings of a middle class kid with no military training, no real view of what warfare is and an overactive, right wing imagination.

We can only hope that Trump and his followers are this stupid — because if they are — in short order, they won’t be around to worry normal people.

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