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#66 Word Prompt — Year (1)

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A day passes. Then months get to know the length too. After this all happens it becomes something very important. Years can be counted in many ways — forms and fashions. A year calculates the months that equal twelve and that much is really true.I know that when you use atomic clocks in practice it all can become some new way of thinking and that is important. Remember that we are counting years as they pass. That fact is for the thinking of it too. There are places that count their years not the same as we do here in America and that continues to be a factor. What is a manin point right now is that years affect us all in ways that make this explanation really shine. The word prompt is about the word: year. I think that another great point is that there are places the count them in their own way. After reading this short part about the word year a person can know that the years that pass us are not forgotten and not to be just that. Another year gone. Please see that the years gone a just not really gone but passed as we grow in our minds and bodies. The word prompt is year but there still is so much surrounding the word. There can be days counted in a year and even the seconds could be counted but what is important here is knowing that time is a mode. We as humans can change that mode.

The main point is the word prompt and how does every single person collect into it. The questions to be asked are really how does it change us. I think that every person that has the capacity to know better or to see it go bye will encourage another person to engage the same feelings. As a person gets older the years become more in there view. Sometimes it causes illness or that same stuff gets to happen because of the years going by. That is fact. What changes from the person is that one can see it and there are some that can not see years. That means that in our heads it is special to know about another year gone. But even those that can not really see those such things at all just let the years go. That happens. What I am mentioning is special needs people that really can not be happy or sad about yet another year. I think that all humans need to live and doing that could be how he or she might react to things like Birthdays. So what does it say about those special needs people. It is a point to make but the main point is to express the word prompt. It will never be that simple. There are people that can not count the years. I think this word will be a great way to see others in their own writing plus mine. Most people can only see it as days gone by.

The big collections of those years does grow into what a person age makes them. That too is great because what makes our age is just a mash of all the years he or she has lived. The person that can not even see how a year passes is he or she luckey? I think no — because he or she can not see the year they are in a dark void that has nothing to it. They may as well be dead. Well not really dead but in a sense of the word like a rock that stays in one place. A place that has no real light in it. That is lifeless correct?

It is a very great a good thing to know that the years are going and they do not stop. Just as I said before there are some that are in the dark. That place can come from the even darker places between the cracks but what is great is to know we live. This word prompt has brought things about me that will never be forgotten because I have the hands to even type this at all. I am blessed and grateful to know that others will read it too.

Also think about if you never got old what could it be like. That inevitable changing throughout the years, and the cake at each mark. What could be better then counting another year to be alive and see the sun or maybe just see more people. This word prompt has brought much to say about it.

The fact is that there are many people that count it all in the way that is not the saem. The Chinese count their years in one way. Islam can count it in such a different way as well. Those ways are not that it makes the difference too much. Please do not quote me on the facts around how each place counts them. All of the different places that count the days and watch them go by are many. Korea has one. Japan has one too. There are about twenty-five or more different calendars. That is good but that means we all have the days mixed up. Really the things that happen on each of those calendars is the same as we all breathe air, eat food and live our own lives through the days.

To add to the supporting topics there are people that hate how each years goes by. It is not just the fact that we count these years that go by but also think about those that are changed by how that happens. It can be seen with products that change the looks of a person’s age anyway. That means that there are other topics like how a man or woman might want to change the years that they have lost. That is important but makes a small dent in this correct writing exercise. The truth remains that people will always try to really look younger than they might appear. That is not bad at all it just will not change.

This supporting transition will go to more explain just what is going on here. I want you the reader/writer to know these things. Know that you can fill up as much as you can in an easy none struggling kind of way. Just get the words out is the point. It may seem like it is off topic but I can explain more things about the structure as you read along and not just have a bulky header that explains way to much. I really want you to read what I have to write. It will not be the same every time.

So take forms and fashion from each section that is before and after to fill in the “transition” and that is what makes a transition. The place that blends for the reader and that will be so nice. Try this technique in your own writing and see that you can be better in completely filling in the gaps. This technique takes a little long because you can not start the transition unless you write the next section first then coming back to finish the transition. Yes — you have to skip each “transition” first to write what comes before-and-after what is surrounding the transition. I hope that does not sound im possible but welcome! His was a great writing today and I hope to have all one hundred and twenty done.

The things to be taken away from each assignment is changing but the same structure will not change so learn this new way!

What is to be taken from this writing assignment: Good initial response. The thing is that there are one hundred and twenty different words in all but the reaction is good. What is the real thing is that it will be ever changing and reflective in how the process keeps going. I want to talk to the readers as each one gets created. So in everyone there will be talking straight to the reader as well as the topics that make it all up. The main points are there too. The main point is the word prompt and the side topics are just ideas and facts about that manin point. This main point is: year.

Also there is something that should be shared after the reader had finished and that part is shared here in this section of the writing. I want to point that out as to gain insight on how to be a structured writing. (If you are or are not that makes you see this goal.) I want the readers to take so much away and learn something as it all goes along. I will also talk about the way to write each piece as the thing reads. Because that is the main goal. But that will only be known to those that really read each composition. Yes the trick is to really get readers and not just lookers but that will be shown later as more get created. I also want you the person who finds this to write to the same word prompts.

This section will be the toughest but because I word this first I can take some time to mention this here. Do not ask yourself is this man just filling up the word count. I want to make sure that the whole experience gets across. Too that means that there can be me talking to you here. I want the readers to know that if he or she does get into writing their own that this is the thickest part here. After the transitions there is this section that has five hundred words in it. (What the reader should understand.) That means that you will answer that question in five hundred words or more.

What I want to express to the readers is two things. Here in this exact essay that I have taken the time to write is that you can take your time and it might be difficult. But you can also get more then one point done in a writing structor. That means that you can express the main point and what will be taken away but also explain just how it might be. Knock two birds with one stone as they call it.

The hardest part to writing this might be for you the person seeing this is the understand that a transition is a mix of the section before that transition and the one after it. That is the thing to know because a person can say “What is a transition?”

At the beginning I shared some important things. Because this is the first out of the two hundred and fifty there were some things that needed to be cleared in the first place. But only the readers will know that. That was done to create the needed force to see the readers for myself. I will know who has read the whole thing or not. That is important because to get real gains from what you see here is the point. The thing is this. There are topics that might make you think that I am stray away from the main point but that is not true. This was done on purpose to see the readers count go up

! I didn’t want to explain the whole project just in the first post and go from there. I would rather add it to the words that get written. So in a way it can be me added it as I go. You might even ask is it changing as we go on? No — the rules stay the same it just has me talking and updating the reader/writers as we go. This was two thousand words and it flew by. So please be just as eager as I am and get your words out. The other point to share is that you can fill up as much as it takes.

I really want to express the “transitions” again, those are the sections that are between the main point section and the supporting topics. It should be easy to add supporting topics just Google the word prompt and go from there. Or if you have ideas that can support your word prompt from memory that is just as good.