Government officials shouldn’t keep the seats Russia stole for them

Rear of the U.S. Congress on the Capitol Hill reflecting pool

The evidence has continued to pile up around the case of Russian hackers and even Russian officials meddling in the United States 2016 election. The evidence has been so damning that even elected officials have had to acknowledge the crime as no longer a fringe conspiracy by left-wing obstructionists, but as a legitimate and real possibility supported by most federal intelligence agencies.

The latest development in this scandal is the fact Donald Trump Jr. was given an email from a Russian official about dirt on Hillary Clinton during the 2016 campaign.

An interesting development from when reporters asked President Donald Trump if anyone in his campaign had any contact with Russian officials during the election at his press conference in February, to which he replied: “No, no, nobody that I know of.”

More recently, we’ve seen Trump actually admitting to possible Russian meddling, if any, in the 2016 election he was elected in.

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Following this statement was months of denial from Trump and his administration, going so far as to accuse that the entire idea was a partisan hoax to undermine his presidency. But since more and more evidence has been brought into public view as well as increasing acknowledgement from the general elected officials, he could no longer refute the fact that there was a foreign influence — to a certain extent — on the United States 2016 general election.

I personally thought Trump would never admit there was any meddling in the election because that would mean he would admit his own illegitimacy. To accept this truth would mean this election was tainted. That his inauguration was fake, his cabinet was irrelevant, his executive orders, his rallies, his supporters, his position of power was all no longer genuine.

For the first time in american history, the U.S., the creator of modern democracy, has had an election that was influenced by an outside force. The public is desensitized by the daily comings and goings of insanity at the White House, but this is where the line should be drawn in the sand. We have the most powerful elected official as well as many lawmakers who also gained power through an election many experts have deemed infiltrated by foreign powers.

Numerous investigation committees have been looking into the Russian meddling and they have found that Russia was anything but innocent. And what is our government’s plan of action against this newfound information? To create laws to prevent this from happening again.

Though vital in countermeasures, what about right now? What about the election that happened less than a year ago? The authority of any elected official in power because of the general election is now called into question. What was once speculation is now nearly proven to be fact. The phrase “not my president” can now be used genuinely!

It would be a complete insult to the spirit of the democratic republic of the United States to have our elected officials in power to ignore or accept the positions from an election they now publicly deem was altered due to an outside force, no matter how small or large that effect may have been.

It shouldn’t be a surprise that those benefiting from this democratic failure are choosing to ignore that their positions were not gained purely through their own merit. Nor is it surprising that those in power will refuse to relinquish their positions given the circumstances to conduct a re-election. What I find surprising is that we aren’t going out into the streets, Republicans Democrats, Libertarians, Socialists, Independents, etc.demanding justice.

This should not be a partisan issue. This is not about Donald Trump this is not about Republicans or Democrats or Libertarians or Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders or anyone. This is about the sanctity of modern American democracy becoming corrupted from without, not within, our borders

Every decision made by these elected officials, every law passed, every bill vetoed, every action made by this administration and the legislation has not and will not be the actions purely of the American people, they are now in part the will of Russia.

Write to every official who won in the general election. Write to every candidate who lost in this election and tell them this is not how this should be. If the American people really do believe in democracy they will demand an other election free of any influence, free of any corruption that is not our own domestic brand of corruption.

If nothing is done, if nothing happens to correct the 115th Congress and our 45th president, both will be known as the first un-American officials. And every American of every creed, color, background, race and political affiliation, should be in agreement to prevent that. If there were ever a time for outrage, now is an ideal moment.

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