Fair Money for All: Basic Income on the Blockchain

If everything is an illusion. “maya” and we come from lets say a pure spiritual place of thought we might have a better idea of how this might work.

Lets say I have 500$ I put it into say ETH Ether or Gnosis GNO. The goal in putting my 500$ is not necessarily to get a return on my investment by XX amount. No its to generate a UBI at a certain amount per month. Which if I was using my ETH investment from last Jan, this has already achieved this amount and then some. So once the UBI is achieved the excess is put back into the system so it self perpetuates and grows vs the way alt currencies and tokens are being played is nothing more than gambling and greed and is a very very immature way of looking at our evolution process with money and what we value. So by thinking like this you have a slow and steady growth of alt currencys based not on pump and dump but share and care.

If you really really think about this concept you will get what Im suggesting its not hard to realize actually if we stop the self-interest ego bullshit thats killing the world! By this methodology we are not looking at it from socialism or any ism vs. a new way of thinking or a new vision.

Anyone reading this and has achieved cyrpto millionaire status and you dont know what to do with your money I have plenty of other ideas in regards to Earth 2.0 reboot projects which revolve around ARK — LifeBoat Building. 
Feel free to reach out at www.BraveNewEarth.com 

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