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Written by Global Mechanic

Global Mechanic and Bruce Alcock’s body of work to be featured at Annecy Festival

Global Mechanic’s Bruce Alcock has been asked to present his career body of work at Annecy Festival in France. Annecy is the world’s top reference for animation films. As Bruce calls it, “Annecy is like the Church of Animation.” The festival draws over 8,000 accredited professionals from 83 countries, 115,000 attendees, and close to 300 journalists. Global Mechanic has been recognized at Annecy in the past for animated shorts: Viva la rose and Impromptu, as well as, commercials for Nokia.

Bruce will be doing a 20 minute presentation showcasing his body of work. The retrospective will cover his work with Coca Cola to Vive La Rose to Kodak and many more.

Bruce is an experimental artist recognized for his textural experimental technique and for pushing conventional boundaries in order to create beautiful global work. He works in all media with strong roots in stop motion, hand painting and drawing. Bruce leans towards abstract, interpretive movement heavily influenced by music and sound.

Annecy Festival will take place June 13th to 18th. Join us in celebrating this honour as we share Bruce’s work and the stories that go along with those works from now until June 13th. Global Mechanic is one of the only creative studios in North America working in film, commercial, series and art projects. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter as we share the journey of Bruce’s body of work and delve into “The Mind of a Creative.”

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