Yes Owen, the polls are bad, which is largely explained by the PLP revolt and the current…
Dave Ferris

With respect, the polls have never been that great. Not good enough, based on past data analysis to win an election. That may, I accept, not matter so much at this point in the development of a movement, but there has to be an end point. Ignore Tony Blairs policy, and his shift to the right for a moment. Look at the underlying machine he built in a very short space of time, that was able to quickly define itself. That you hate his policy is irrelevant; above all else he had the confidence, and the personality required to sell the strategy in which he believed. That can be done, and has been, many times all over the world, on both sides of the political fence.

My personal observation is that Labour does not have the required voice right now to sell the vision the membership demands. At some point, even the most vehement of believers must look at the wider picture and try to understand what it means, as Owen has done with his piece.

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