My Approach: Playing Chess in Real-Life

So I am always playing chess, except in real-life.

Think tactically and strategically, preferably both at the same time.

With every move, play the short game, the middle game and the long game.

Go for quick wins, but never compromise your strategic integrity.

Every situation is chess position, and everyone is a piece, with characteristics — with both strengths and weaknesses. But we aren’t the chess master, separate of the board and controlling everyone. You yourself are a piece on the board.

Every situation is equivalent to a chess position. What’s important is correctly assessing the pieces, the position and where you fit on the board.

Most importantly, you have to assess yourself. Sometimes you are a pawn. Other times, a bishop. Once in awhile, you are the queen of the board. Assessing the pieces, the position and yourself on the board will allow you to make the right move now (tactically) and see ahead to what kind of moves you need to make go-forward (strategically).

Play the long game, at volume for years, and it will pay off.

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