It’s not good for them

Its not good for them. Your children. Your colleagues. Your friends.
Lack of boundaries and not being called to account are not good for anyone. But I dislike conflict. In a personality test that I took many years ago, it said “John hates conflict and will do anything he can to avoid it”. I was in my early twenties.
I’m wondering now if it was a self fulfilling prophecy? It has remained with me throughout my life. I have a tendency to shy away from difficult situations, and stay in my room rather than deal with the issue.

But I also have a desire to help people and for justice.

My aim to use is to use one to overcome the other. Its not good for them. Or for me. Its not good for us. Deal with the situation quickly. Be fair and strong but don’t be angry.
Set boundaries for my daughter and follow through as it will be the best thing for her in the end. And do the same for everyone else.