Toenail clippings on a spiders web

I had a potential trip to the doctors today (happily didn’t happen). A sure sign that my toenails needed cutting. As my mother always said, make sure you have a clean pair of pants and socks on and your nails are short — in case you get run over and end up in hospital.

Anyway, back to the job in hand. I’m at that awkward stage in life where I'm between being long and short sighted as I get older. The need for “bifocal” glasses is probably not that far away.

So I balanced my foot on the closed toilet seat and went to work, happily with some degree of success, giving me a neat pile of clippings on the seat.

I scooped them up and wondered, as always, what to do with them. In the toilet, the bin or down the sink ?

Not sure.

Ah — how about out of the bathroom window?

Yes. I popped my hand through the blinds of the small window at the top, and released the clippings.

Now, I didn’t know till then that some poor unfortunate spider had built his little web below. And it did a good job of catching the clippings — which hung there, shimmering in the moonlight. I hope he doesn’t eat them

Next thoughts — will my wife spot them hanging there, and tell me off?

And my philosophical thought for the day? How often to my shortcuts and lazy ways come back to haunt me and become blatantly obvious for anyone looking? Often, my wife would say …