Digital Story Rough Draft
Natalie Timm

Hannah Bruhn

Natalie Timm

Point: The point is how you came to participate in rugby at the U of M.

Dramatic Question: I think the question was how would you decide what sport to choose to play in college. Maybe make that a little more clear

Emotion: Yes. The moment was when you said that your first game experience was when you were four days old, and hadn’t even been home yet. I felt amused.

Voice: I think it was a nice voice, good tone and rhythm. There was some issues with pacing. They were parts that you paused to think about what to say next.

Soundtrack: I like the soundtrack. It fits with the happy message, and has a good pace to it. It was a little loud though, so sometimes it was hard to hear your words. Try to turn it down a little.

Economy: I really liked that pictures. They were cute and appropriate with what you were talking about. I really liked the one with you as a little U of M cheerleader.

Pacing: It has a nice pacing. There’s just times that you pause for a little too long, because I’m pretty sure you're thinking about what you're saying. just get rid of those awkward pauses.

Other: I really liked it. The only real issue was the pauses.

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