Well here goes….

I choose to do the option of writing a narrative about myself during my first year experience. Honestly I chose this option because it seemed like the easier one. Seriously, it’s just me writing about myself. Who knows maybe it will be like a journal and be therapeutic. A good way to gather data would probably to actually start writing a journal, and then reflecting on what I wrote in a medium post. I’ll also have to talk to others about their experiences. One question I could ask is how does my experience as a white woman of middle class compare and contrast with others who are both similar and different than me? Another question is how will my own view of both myself and the world around me change in the next year, or in other words how will I grow and change as a person in this coming year? I’m not going to lie right now this project seems like a lot of work, and is not something that I’m really looking forward to. Hopefully that will change in the next few months, and it will actually be fun.