Week #6 (Snapchat!)

As far as what works and what doesn’t for snapchat — what works is how effective and quick you can post a video out to your friends/network of folks that follow you on snapchat! What doesn’t in my mind is the difference of it being personal and professional. In my mind, since going back and forth with snapchat for the past couple years, what doesn’t work is how quick 10 seconds is. I understand that our attention spans has strunk significantly in this day in age but 10 seconds is not enough time to get your point across especially in news. If snapchat was able to make it so you could have up to 20 seconds to post videos, it would be more helpful in my mind!

Whether a news brand versus a storyteller being there — having a storyteller be at the forefront of news coverage is essential versus a news brand.

Being able to do it right or to do it well on snapchat, you have to be a trusted news source/organization. When I go on snapchat and watch CNN or other news organization snap important national and regional news, I trust it even though there’s tons of information in a short time span.

The demographic of 18–34 using snapchat the most, clearly that’s the future of the news industry for reporters and photographers especially.

Interacting on snapchat with a newsroom, such as News 7 could be an interesting proposition to tackle in the future. The professors would have to monitor the feed on snapchat in my opinion to make sure the student journalists are following expectations on another social media platform other than facebook or twitter.

As far as doing this without looking dumb — that’s a challenge. Snapchat is an avenue where you can be silly but if you are using it in news — that line between personal and professional could be crossed and create quite the gray area.

Finally, how do you teach the newsroom snapchat, is explaining how to use the app after downloading it on your samsung or iPhone and pushing for professionalism in each snap!

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